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Update your home’s electrical wiring safely and efficiently with CoreTrade Electric. Whether you’re remodeling or adding an addition to your house, we ensure your wiring is up to code.

When planning a home remodeling project or building an addition, proper electrical work is a crucial element to consider.

It doesn’t matter if your home is a few decades old or a century old—wiring requirements change over time, especially as homes need to accommodate higher power demands from more electrical appliances and charging stations.

CoreTrade Electric provides home remodeling electrical services to ensure proper wiring when you’re updating your home. Let us help you make sure your wiring is safe, efficient, and up to code for your next project!

Electrical Planning and Design

Before starting any remodeling or addition project, it’s essential to have a proper electrical plan in place.

CoreTrade Electric evaluates your electrical needs before developing a comprehensive design. This planning phase allows us to work with you to determine the placement of outlets, lighting fixtures, switches, and any other electrical components required for your project.

Proper planning ensures that your electrical system meets code requirements while providing efficient and convenient access to electricity throughout your remodel or addition.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

In many cases, remodeling homes or building additions requires upgrading your existing electrical panel and circuit breakers.

An outdated electrical panel may not be able to handle the increased electrical load that comes with new spaces, appliances, and EV charging station, which can pose a safety hazard.

CoreTrade Electric provides electrical panel upgrades, if necessary, to ensure your electrical system can safely and efficiently handle the increased demand for power, reducing the risk of overloads and potential hazards.

Wiring and Rewiring

During the remodeling or addition process, wiring and rewiring may be necessary to accommodate changes and new electrical requirements.

Wiring and rewiring could involve adding new electrical circuits, relocating outlets or switches, or reconfiguring the existing electrical system to meet your needs.

As part of our home remodeling electrical services, CoreTrade Electric ensures proper wiring so your electrical system functions effectively and safely, providing power where and when you need it in the remodeled or added space.

Lighting Installation

Effective lighting is a crucial component of any remodeling or addition project. Proper lighting enhances the functionality, ambiance, and aesthetic appeal of your newly renovated space or addition.

CoreTrade Electric works with you to determine the best lighting options for your space, including placement, fixture selection, and energy-efficiency considerations. We provide both interior and exterior custom lighting solutions.

Whether it involves installing recessed lights, wafer lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, or other fixtures, we ensure your lighting design aligns with your vision and meets your needs and your budget.

Let’s Discuss Your Next Project

By investing in professional home remodeling electrical services, you can ensure that your electrical needs are met while enjoying a comfortable, functional, and safe environment in your updated home. Whether you need to move outlets, update your electrical panel, or install light fixtures, contact CoreTrade Electric to discuss the electrical portion of your next remodeling project or addition today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
on Home Renovations


How Do I Determine the Right Electrical Load for My Home Renovation?

The electrical load depends on what lights, outlets, and appliances are being installed. An electrician must be consulted to make a final determination.


Is It Possible to Upgrade to Smart Lighting and Outlets During a Renovation?

Yes, smart lighting and outlets can be installed during a renovation. But, smart lighting and outlets can also be installed even if the home is not being renovated.


How Can I Make My Home Energy-Efficient?

To make your home more energy-efficient, we recommend adding LED lights, dimmers, and smart switches.


Can I Add More Electrical Outlets in a Room Without Rewiring the Entire House?

Typically, more outlets can be installed in a house on an existing circuit.


Should I Hire a Professional Electrician to Work on my home renovation?

Yes, we recommend a professionally trained electrician to perform all the electrical needs in your home.

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